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Syria  •  Monitor: Syrian rebels launch offensive on regime in Aleppo
France  •  Isolated fires as demolition crews raze remains of "Jungle" camp
Australia  •  Historic deal reached on the world's largest marine protected area
doping  •  WADA says "serious failings" occurred in Rio Games anti-doping tests
Indonesia  •  Mother knows best: group seeks to enlist mothers to fight extremism
Singapore  •  Michelin-starred Singapore food stall eyes global expansion
Colombia  •  Colombia delays peace talks with ELN rebels over hostage
nuclear  •  UN votes to start negotiations on nuclear weapons ban
US  •  Trump: A gem or a curse for US late night comedies?
Germany  •  Overheard on a German tram: "You got me pregnant, not me"
education  •  Unschooling - letting children grow up without school or teachers
health  •  Hypnosis has its uses in medicine, scientific tests are finding
transport  •  BMW's concept bike is fast and ultra-safe: But will thrill be lost?
technology  •  Expensive trip: The cost of Virtual Reality
tourism  •  Jordan hiking trail offers tourists desert, villages and monuments