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Italy  •  "Clear-cut" referendum defeat topples Italy's Renzi
US  •  US bows to pressure from native groups in denying pipeline permit
New Zealand  •  New Zealand prime minister in shock resignation
Austria  •  EU leaders relieved as Austrian far-right candidate loses presidency
US  •  33 confirmed dead in California fire; some victims from Asia, Europe
Germany  •  Scrappy first win gives Hamburg hope; Frankfurt miss chance
US  •  Trump's talk with Taiwan leader only a "courtesy call," Pence says
Cuba  •  Fidel Castro's era ends with private funeral
Russia  •  Russia's Putin praises US president-elect Trump as "smart man"
Ecuador  •  Ecuador indigenous people conquer jungle distances with own airline
economy  •  Banks offer safe-deposit boxes for modest fee - what's inside them?
leisure  •  Did you get into a food fight? Use buzzwords next time to sound smart
leisure  •  Chunky, soft and cosy: The latest trends in knits and outerwear
transport  •  New Great Leap Forward as China moves to electrify its cars
health  •  Men in distress with wives and kids turn to masculinity counsellor