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conflict  •  Truck bomb kills 35 in Somali capital
conflict  •  Iraq claims early gains in bid to retake Mosul from Islamic State
religion  •  Thai police resume raid as worshippers flock to defend their temple
politics  •  Mexican FM: Relations with US "at a defining moment"
conflict  •  Iraqi women enjoy new-found freedom in former Islamic State bastion
science  •  'Now more than ever': US scientists gird for confrontation with Trump
biathlon  •  Germany golden as Dahlmeier and Schempp triumph at biathlon worlds
alpine skiing  •  Dominant slalom win secures Hirscher technical double at ski worlds
elections  •  Ecuadorians head to polls to choose new president
politics  •  Deported army veterans fight bitterly to return to the United States
transport  •  An endangered species: London's loquacious black cab drivers
leisure  •  Library of useful objects in Israel lets you borrow things you need
 •  Where does the water on cruise ships come from?
health  •  How pure is your food? Food fraud is hard to detect, and lucrative
transport  •  Garden-type cars: Show concepts flaunt moss inlays and bonsai trees