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Italy  •  Death toll rises to 37 as strong quake rocks central Italy
Turkey  •  Turkey launches first major offensive inside Syria, backs rebels
Germany  •  Merkel government approves first civil defence plan in two decades
Japan  •  Japan, China, South Korea slam latest North Korean missile test
US  •  Trump "softening" on illegal immigrants, but pushes border security
football  •  Booming Bundesliga blows away transfer spending record
Thailand  •  Bombs kill one, injure 30 in southern Thailand
Philippines  •  Duterte warns of "bloody" outcome if China invades Philippine islands
US  •  Gulen, Syria and the other issues on the table for Biden in Turkey
travel  •  Barbie makes her first trip to Paris as museum exhibit
religion  •  Young German woman aiming to be Catholic priest prepares for long battle
Belgium  •  Brussels honours 800-year-old beer victory with Meyboom tree festival
health  •  Why you should never leave your luggage on hotel room floors
health  •  Does cycling lead to impotency in men?