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Gambia  •  Gambia's longtime ruler Yahya Jammeh says he will step down
US  •  Celebrations, protests as Trump vows to return power to the people
Turkey  •  Turkey parliament approves constitutional reform empowering president
politics  •  US turns inward: President Trump vows to put "America first"
US  •  More than 200 people arrested in Washington on inauguration day
football  •  Lewandowski's class lifts Bayern 2-1 in Freiburg in BL restart
politics  •  Obama switches back to old Twitter handle: 'Is this thing still on?'
US  •  Mexican drug baron 'El Chapo' pleads 'not guilty' in US court
politics  •  'I love the man': Trump supporters celebrate government change
curiosity  •  In China's marriage markets, parents secretly hitch the happily single
architecture  •  Baroque heaven: Restoring the house that August the Strong built
health  •  Doc tells pregnant mothers it's OK to keep their belly-button rings
tourism  •  For a great New York deal on wheels, maybe a night in a Yellow Cab?
transport  •  VW cockpit of the future will project virtual arrows into road view
leisure  •  Connected bikes will know where they are, even when rider forgets