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56 per cent higher  •  UN reports vastly higher opioid usage, 585,000 annual drug deaths
escalating row  •  Iran's Rowhani tells US to return to 2015 deal to reduce tensions
'Determiniation for Denuclearization'  •  Moon: North Korea and United States are mulling third summit
Kassel Shooting  •  Suspect 'admits' to murder of German local politician Luebcke
Abe Meeting  •  Nissan-Renault alliance likely topic as Macron arrives in Japan
Europe  •  Germany breaks temperature record for June as heatwave grips Europe
NATO  •  NATO prepares for world without INF nuclear treaty
riding al fresco  •  German police stop naked scooter driver - 'Hot, innit?'
Future plans  •  World Cup winner Kroos rules out ending career in China or Qatar
Rome  •  Rome's 'illegal' street art museum: Beauty amid junk and excrement
feature  •  Mexico City's lowriders pedal against stigma
trends  •  Nissan serves up a zero-emissions ice cream van
trends  •  Jooki test: This fun wireless speaker gives kids full control
trends  •  Facebook posts could soon be used to diagnose medical conditions
trends  •  Which country has the best brand in the world?