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Escalator accident  •  24 hospitalized after escalator accident at Rome metro station
Visas Revoked  •  Trump denounces Saudi cover-up as US identifies Khashoggi killers
US  •  Trump, Putin to meet in Paris as US seeks to pull out of nuke deal
Journey North  •  Migrant caravan rests in Mexico amid new warnings from US authorities
Adenovirus outbreak  •  Viral outbreak kills six children at New Jersey rehab centre
Hesse Election  •  Will Merkel's gear shift on diesel policy win over electorate?
Bracing for Landfall  •  Weakened but still dangerous, Hurricane Willa nears Mexican coast
Champions League  •  Ronaldo enjoys winning return as Juve down United; joy for Real
'Spreading Hatred'  •  Pope Francis: Hitler shows us what populism leads to
feature  •  Soup kitchens offer vital lifeline as poverty soars in Argentina
feature  •  Ingo the flamingo and his geriatric pals: Berlin Zoo's oldest animals
trends  •  Huawei unveils Mate 20 Pro with fingerprint sensor under the screen
trends  •  Canada seeking cannabis 'connoisseurs', offering 50 dollars per hour
trends  •  Six safety innovations in new cars that help prevent accidents
trends  •  How aluminium foil can stop a thief stealing your car