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'Sunday for Future'  •  Germany's Greens surge in EU polls as coalition slumps
'ready for compromise'  •  Centre parties post losses in EU elections, coalition jostling begins
EU elections  •  Farage's Brexit party dominates on disastrous night for major parties
'victory for the people'  •  French far right beats Macron's centrists in close EU poll race
migration versus economy  •  Tough coalition talks likely after far-right surge in Belgian polls
Donald and jade  •  Japan’s new Emperor Naruhito welcomes Trump at Imperial Palace
'the first party'  •  Salvini's far-right League set for historic win in Italy's EU polls
150 years of Vienna Opera  •  10,000 celebrate Vienna State Opera's 150th birthday
half-time brawl  •  Atalanta and Inter grab Champions League spots in Serie A finale
agriculture  •  Palestinian ecovillage hopes to set example for rest of the West Bank
feature  •  Africans create diverse dolls to challenge 'Barbie' beauty ideals
trends  •  AI already better than humans at predicting risk of death
trends  •  1.3 million: Remake Game of Thrones petition starting to offend cast
trends  •  Do this to stop dick pics from being sent to your iPhone via AirDrop
trends  •  75 dollars a cup?! This is the world's most expensive coffee