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Civil war  •  Iraqi Shiite militia says 22 members killed in US airstrike on border
Migration Showdown  •  Facing two-week deadline, Merkel chases EU migration deals
Monsoon destruction  •  23 dead, half a million hit in north-eastern Indian floods
nuclear talks  •  Rowhani to visit Bern, Vienna amid efforts to save Iran deal
Audi's Dieselgate  •  Audi appoints new chief after Stadler detained in emissions scandal
Peace march  •  Peace advocates walk 700 kilometres to Afghan capital
World Cup  •  South Korea pay the penalty against Sweden as VAR delivers again
World Cup  •  Champions Germany look to find reset button after Mexico meltdown
Surprise Results  •  World Cup favourites struggle as 'middle class' makes presence felt
Mallorca  •  What lurks beneath Mallorca's seas?
science  •  Scientists seek to establish effect of noise pollution on penguins
trends  •  Are you using the same smartphone model as Kim Jong Un?
trends  •  Car elevator at German hotel to let guests take cars up to their room
trends  •  Weight gain: An unwanted side effect of watching the World Cup
trends  •  Lego launches bumper Bugatti Chiron with working engine