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Polish elections  •  Poland's governing PiS wins election, but victory bittersweet
Syria Conflict  •  Syrian army nears Turkish border as Kurds reach deal with Damascus
Catalan Independence Leaders  •  Spain sentences Catalonian separatist leaders over secession attempt
US withdrawal  •  Trump says 'big' sanctions on Turkey coming for Syria assault
Novel Suggestions  •  Atwood's 'Handmaid's Tale' sequel favourite for Booker Prize
New Addition  •  Tiny pudu deer gives birth in German zoo
Russian-Saudi Relations  •  Putin discusses trade, oil with Saudi King Salman
Landslide Victory  •  Law professor Kais Saied declared next president of Tunisia
European Championships  •  Loew confident of Euro 2020 spot after 'difficult' week
environment  •  Thai temple tackles plastic waste by turning it into monk robes
transport  •  Is this really the end of the line for Hanoi's famous 'Train Street'?
trends  •  'Fortnite' goes offline, leaving thousands in suspense - accident?
trends  •  Who called the fashion police? Golden SUV deemed 'too dazzling'
trends  •  Bone conduction headphones let you jam without blocking out the world
trends  •  Owning a dog can make you live longer, new studies show
Press Release •  Sasa Stanisic receives German Book Prize 2019 for "Herkunft" / Börsenverein honours the best German-language novel of the year / Award ceremony with 300 guests at the Frankfurt Römer
Press Release •  Makor Securities London Ltd Receive Regulatory Approval to Operate an Organized Trading Facility , Providing Service Continuity to All Clients Across Products, Venues and Execution Protocols
Press Release •  Fraport Traffic Figures - September and First Nine Months 2019: Frankfurt Airport Reports Stable Growth